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Wrapping up my “Europe Tour”

The last two weeks have been really fascinating for me. I flew 6 different flights, took 4 trains, did a total of 5 sessions in 2 conferences, lost one suitcase and got it after two days, and met numerous amazing people.

So let’s start from the beginning. My first stop was Dublin, where the Epicenter conference took place. The agenda covered various different programming languages like .NET, Java, Ruby and even Smalltalk. I did three talks – Practical IronRuby, ASP.NET MVC and Ruby on Rails Vs. ASP.NET MVC. Apart from these talks I got to participate in a web frameworks panel where I talked about ASP.NET MVC. The other panelists were Peter Ledbrook that talked about Grails, Jamie Van Dyke who talked about Ruby on Rails, Julian Fitzell who talked about Seaside and Matt Raible who talked about Java web frameworks:

Web Development Frameworks Panel at Epicenter 2010

The great thing in this conference for me was that I got to hear, for the first time, about the worlds outside the Microsoft world. It was a really interesting experience for me, and I’m sure it will be the same for every .NET dev out there (highly recommended!).

Apart from that, I hanged out with a lot of cool people – thanks everybody for the great time!

After the conference was over I stayed in Dublin for a few more days mainly for sightseeing… On one of the days I took a trip to Glendalough which was spectacular! Ireland is soooooo beautiful!!!!

I'm at Glendalough!

Afterwards I moved on to the second part of my tour – the Norwegian Developer Conference. I took a flight to Oslo, Norway got a train to the central station and walked to the hotel (great location!)… A few minutes after I get to the room in Oslo I get a Twitter message to call Anders (one of the organizers). He asked me to replace Scott Bellware as the first talk on the day after since Bellware had done a very Bellware-like thing and missed his flight. Luckily I had my talk ready by that time so everything went really good. Eventually I had two talks – Practical IronRuby and Riding IronRuby on Rails.

So the conference, I must admit, exceeded all of my expectations – the organization was flawless (kudos to the organizers), I got to meet and talk with tons of awesome smart people, I talked in front of a lot of people and I learned so much about technology, about drinking a lot of beer and about sides of Microsoft which I’ve never thought about (thanks Scott, Rob and Seb!). It was a great experience for me and I wish any one of you to go through something like that.

One of the peeks of the conference for me however, came right after it ended… During the conference I tried, with the help of Tim Heuer, to run a simple IronRuby console on a Windows Phone 7 device. We faced some problems with the version Tim had so we kinda let it go with no success. But! Tim didn’t despair and contacted Tomas from the IronRuby team. Tomas found the problem and hacked a fix very quickly… so while I was sitting in my room just before leaving for the airport, I got this picture from Tim:

IronRuby on Windows Phone 7!

It ran! IronRuby console on a real Windows Phone 7 device! soooooooo cool!!!!!

So… Thanks all for the great time! I was really glad to meet each and every one of you and I hope to meet you all again sometime!

P.S. The slides of the talks and links to the videos will be published soon.

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