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Upcoming Gig: DevLink 2010, Nashville, TN, USA

So Epicenter and NDC are now over but that doesn’t mean I’m stopping evangelizing IronRuby!

So my next talks will take place in the upcoming DevLink conference which will be running in Lipscomb University, Nashville, TN, USA.

DevLink 2010

Currently I have 2 talks:

Practical IronRuby

Track: Open Source | Room: Ezell-E109 | Date: 7/8/2010 | Time: 11:30AM

Ruby has been a home for some great innovative frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Cucumber and Rake. IronRuby version 1.0 will soon be released, unleashing the power of Ruby to the .NET world. In this session you will get familiar with the Ruby language and its amazing ecosystem and you will learn to take advantage of it in your everyday development tasks. Come and see how this great new addition to the .NET family makes your development process faster, clearer and happier!

Riding IronRuby on Rails

Track: Open Source | Room: Ezell-E109 | Date: 7/8/2010 | Time: 1:00PM

The most famous Ruby-driven framework is, by far, Ruby on Rails. With IronRuby, .NET developers can now take advantage of this incredible web framework without leaving their comfort zone. In this session, Shay Friedman will build an entire Web 2.0 site from scratch while using and explaining the key features of Ruby on Rails. Come and see what Ruby on Rails is all about and what's made it the success it is today.


Even though both of my sessions are on the last day of the conference, I’ll be around during the other days as well so I’m looking forward to chat, discuss and drink beer with you!

See you there,

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